Crazy Advertising Ideas Just Might Work.


Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything knows that there are many way to advertise. Most of us use the traditional methods of advertising. These include but are not limited to radio and TV ads, billboards, newsprint ads, and online classified sites such as craigslist. What you may not know is that there are many other ways to advertise. Some are worked into everyday life, and others are just plain bizarre, but should still work to build your sales. » Read more

Old Spice is at it again!


Old Spice is at it again! Old Spice has been known as one of the masters of viral video marketing for years, and have been very successful at creating memorable characters and commercials. Now they are back with there latest offerings to the viral video world, and it seems for now that they have left behind their stars Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. They where the unforgettable shirtless men that where full of bravado in they last two series of awesome viral videos. It the new commercials it seems that they have taken a whole new approach. Not only are the back with a new concept, but they are pumping out their all new viral videos two at a time. Have a look, here is there two new commercials, leave a comment let us know what you think! » Read more

Ship My Pants – Kmart


The moment I saw the new K-mart viral video I wanted to Ship My Pants.  I think that when you see it you will want to ship your pants as well! Who knows, with their new hilarious viral video, they just might get everybody to ship their pants. If you have not seen it yet it is a very funny video with a great play on the word “SHIP”. It is also a great example of viral video done right. » Read more