Crazy Advertising Ideas Just Might Work.


Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything knows that there are many way to advertise. Most of us use the traditional methods of advertising. These include but are not limited to radio and TV ads, billboards, newsprint ads, and online classified sites such as craigslist. What you may not know is that there are many other ways to advertise. Some are worked into everyday life, and others are just plain bizarre, but should still work to build your sales. » Read more

Why It’s Important To Find A Specialist PR Company For Your Industry


In the modern world PR is arguably more important than ever before. With increased media that can be used to your advantage you need to be able to cover all of your bases in order to get maximum exposure for your business. There’s also an increased need to protect your reputation too. Social media and the emergence of the ‘celebrity businessman’ means that the next PR disaster could be just around the corner and you need to be prepared for it.

But is it enough the just hire any PR company? » Read more

PR Advice For Start-Up Businesses


All businesses will benefit from using PR techniques to create a positive reputation and increase awareness of their services, but depending on size and age, different companies will need to take different approaches to their PR strategy. While large brands will find that using strategic campaigns that have been thoroughly developed over time will be the best way to continue to achieve business success, smaller, newer businesses may need to create a more basic PR campaign that gently works to engage with consumers on a more personal level. For start-up businesses, it is incredibly important that a significant amount of time is allocated to working on public relations, as this can mean the difference between business success, and a company folding. » Read more