What Does Your Company’s Sign Say About Your Business?


Whether you are planning to start a business or are already up and running, drawing customers is the essential element of your success. Word of mouth works to an extent, but that in itself doesn’t draw in enough business to keep you going.

Therefore, practically every business in existence utilizes some form of advertising to draw in the crowds. Actually, most businesses owners rely on a combination of advertising venues to effectively sustain and increase business revenue.

There are a multitude of advertising venues that businesses can use, most of which depend on various criteria to make them worthwhile. However, there is one form of advertising that is an absolute must-have for both beginning and established businesses… the storefront sign. » Read more

How to Get High Traffic From Your Banners


Banners are still an effective means of marketing your product and services. They need to be placed in a high profile area where they can attract a large amount of attention. Below are some places to place your banner in order to create a significant number of traffic.

Shopping center entrances

The first area to consider is the entrance of a shopping center if your business is inside it. Your banner has a very high chance to influence visitors before they enter the establishment when placed here. Another advantage you gain is the large amount of foot traffic in comparison to inside the building. Most of the visitors of the shopping center have to pass through the entrance before they can reach any part of the establishment. » Read more

Top-of-Mind Awareness


One of the most important concepts in advertising is top-of-mind awareness. A  main goal in advertising is to make the customer think of you first when they need the product or service that you sell.  When your company comes to mind first, you have accomplished what is known as top-of-mind awareness. You can attempt to build this type of brand awareness with internet, radio, television or newspaper advertising. But this can be very expensive for a small business. So, what can you do to make your business more well-known without breaking the bank? One of the best low cost ways for small retail businesses to achieve this is with the use of outdoor advertising. » Read more