Three Simple Ways To Promote Your Business


The success of a business can be credited to three separate factors: product, service, and promotion. A level combination of the three and market awareness is the best way to achieve successful business results, meaning that it is important that your company spends time developing each area. When looking to increase your customer base, businesses need to have a well-planned promotional campaign that will reach their target audiences, whilst continuing to attract their existing customer base. Effective ways of promoting your business do not have to be difficult, but do need to be a mixture of traditional and modern methods in order to reach a wide audience.  Here are some simple ways to promote your business that are guaranteed to improve awareness of your company-

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PR Advice For Start-Up Businesses


All businesses will benefit from using PR techniques to create a positive reputation and increase awareness of their services, but depending on size and age, different companies will need to take different approaches to their PR strategy. While large brands will find that using strategic campaigns that have been thoroughly developed over time will be the best way to continue to achieve business success, smaller, newer businesses may need to create a more basic PR campaign that gently works to engage with consumers on a more personal level. For start-up businesses, it is incredibly important that a significant amount of time is allocated to working on public relations, as this can mean the difference between business success, and a company folding. » Read more

Utilizing Social Media in Real Estate For Real Results


With the sub-prime mortgage crisis occurring in 2008, real estate agents saw major drops in home sales. It’s during this real estate crisis that real estate professionals started getting creative, finding innovative ways to use social media, using their offline skills in an increasingly social way online. Using photo sharing sites like Flickr and Pinterest to enhance their listings along with sites like LinkedIn and Meetup to network with other real estate professionals, social media has been a fantastic way in helping agents move inventory in these tough times. » Read more

Ways to Prevent Your Marketing from Going Stale


If you want to make money, get new clients and solidify the place of your business as an industry leader, you need to make improvements in your marketing efforts.  It is no more a secret that marketing is the driving force behind all great businesses. In fact, no other facet of business has a greater influence on an entrepreneur’s fate than marketing. » Read more

Unique Methods of Advertising


In today’s world, consumers are flooded with advertisements for various products and services. In order for a small business to stand out in the crowd, it is necessary to use unique methods of advertising to make it more memorable. These methods are usually creative and sometimes a little unconventional. A few of these unique methods are; bartering for marketing, sponsoring a local sports team, and using outdoor advertising. All of these techniques when used properly can make a product or service much more memorable.  » Read more

Michael Dubin, the genius behind Dollar Shave Clubs viral video.


 Michael Dubin, is the mastermind of one of the best viral videos ever made and is the founder & CEO, Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club has a simple concept for only $1 per month; customers get one month supply of razors delivered straight to your home.  I am sure anyone who has ever bought razors can see this is a great deal.  But what really makes this new internet based company stand out is the brilliant advertising ideas of Michael Dublin. He launched is new company last year with a viral video called Our Blades Are F***ing Great.  » Read more

Creative Advertising Techniques


There are many unique and creative approaches to successful advertising campaigns. For example, all types of businesses can make the most of social media networking, email advertising as well as text messaging, print, radio and TV. All of these have numerous benefits for all kinds of companies. However, it is important to bare in mind a few crucial details before you embark on your ad campaign.

Those details concern the message, context and style of your campaign. What this means exactly is that you need to be aware of the overall aesthetic and execution of your advertisement. Furthermore, in order to achieve a successful ad campaign, you will have to fully establish your strategy for each marketing platform. In other words, what you do on Facebook may be different than what you promote on TV. This may seem like overstating the obvious, but it is crucial to understand the different realms of complexities for your ad in each context.

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Advertising and Viral Videos – Dollar Shave Club


.The Dollar shave club Our Blades Are F**king Great” YouTube video may be the best example of viral video advertising in recent history.  In fact it may be the best viral video of all time.  It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it does not matter what the product is. It has a very simple concept, the video features the owner walking around their warehouse hilariously pitching their razor club. The key to the video is the mix of humor and straightforward details about their products. The script is perfectly  written, you are never bored and laughing the whole time.  If you thinking about making a video advertisement for  you company or product you can learn a lot from the approach used in the awesome 90 second  video.

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Advertising – So what should you do?


You own a business and you want more customers coming thru the door. So what should you do? Advertising is a good place to start if you want to let people know about your business or products. There are many low cost effective ways to get you message out to your target customers. Here are a few of the more popular types of advertising that all small business should consider: » Read more

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