Tips on Selling Your Timeshare


If you’ve been thinking, “I need to sell my timeshare”, you’re not alone. It’s not an easy process, mainly because of all the misinformation that continues to confuse timeshare owners. So you put it off and the costs of payments and maintenance fees keep adding up. There has been regulation for the timeshare industry in the last 30 years, but resale regulations are still not as concrete as they should be. And because of the huge demand for timeshare resale’s, it has confused many consumers, because of all the fraudulent companies in existence. How do I really know how good the companies that seek me out or me find are legitimate? » Read more

Old Spice is at it again!


Old Spice is at it again! Old Spice has been known as one of the masters of viral video marketing for years, and have been very successful at creating memorable characters and commercials. Now they are back with there latest offerings to the viral video world, and it seems for now that they have left behind their stars Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews. They where the unforgettable shirtless men that where full of bravado in they last two series of awesome viral videos. It the new commercials it seems that they have taken a whole new approach. Not only are the back with a new concept, but they are pumping out their all new viral videos two at a time. Have a look, here is there two new commercials, leave a comment let us know what you think! » Read more

Locally Advertising Your Service Company


One of the first things to focus on when you are trying to advertise for your local service company is to find your differentiation point. Too many companies go in for a standard ad or website that talk just about their services. For a local contracting firm we have been working with in the Northern Virginia area, we were able to find some key ingredients that will really drive traffic. All of his competitors websites mostly just talk about the services they do such as patio building, pool building, kitchen remodeling, etc. All that basic ideas like that lead to is a 5 page website that essentially says the same thing that your competitors do. When really giving it some thought we found that by creating a separate page for each of the manufacturers of materials that our client uses, it gave the website many more touch points for potential customers to explore. » Read more

Ship My Pants – Kmart


The moment I saw the new K-mart viral video I wanted to Ship My Pants.  I think that when you see it you will want to ship your pants as well! Who knows, with their new hilarious viral video, they just might get everybody to ship their pants. If you have not seen it yet it is a very funny video with a great play on the word “SHIP”. It is also a great example of viral video done right. » Read more

The New Goodyear Blimp – Guerrilla Marketing at its Best


It may be the best guerrilla marketing campaign of all time. The year was 1925 when the first Goodyear blimps soared into the skies. Now after more than 85 years they can still be spotted in the skies above, all over the country. But now it is time for a big upgrade, construction of the first of three of the newest Goodyear’s blimps is now underway at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Wingfoot Lake hangar just outside of Akron Ohio. This is joint project between Goodyear and the German company ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik . » Read more

Air Dancers, Feather Flags & Gorilla Robot Signs

Retail Products for Off Set Press Marketing

When someone needs to draw attention to his or her business, it’s important to do so with as many different methods as possible. While there are the options of television and radio, even Internet advertising, it’s also important to get people to walk in off the street whenever a business owner can. That is why it’s important to use eye-catching, and sometimes even silly-appearing, outdoor advertising to catch the eye and get the curious to walk inside and see what’s going on. For those businesses that are serious about doing this, there are a lot of useful products on the market to help them get the attention they need. » Read more

Pay Per Click Advertising – Internet Marketing Strategy


There are many different strategies to get visitors to your website; one of the best is called Pay per click advertising. When you need to get visitors to you website fast this is your best option. For those of you who may be new to internet advertising here is how it works.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo sell business ad space on their search results page. These ads appear at the top and alongside of the organic search result pages.  In appearance they look very similar to what is called the organic or natural results.  Organic or natural search results appear because to the search engines they are the most relevant in a category you have searched. The pay per clicks ad appear simply because someone has paid to be on that page.  Many times the websites that show up high in the organic results have spent a lot of time or money to get to the front page of the search results. In contrast when you use pay per click advertising, you can be on the front page of the search results immediately. » Read more

Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Team Up!


Here is another great viral video from Pepsi max. In this video Pepsi has Jeff Gordon going undercover to a car dealership and takes an unsuspecting car salesman on a test drive that he will not soon forget.  The video is getting a lot of attention on line. It racked up more than two million hits in just its first day of release, and in its first month has had over thirty million views. If you examine the video closely it is clear that it is a fake, and the salesman is just an actor. But even if it is fake the video is still very funny. » Read more

Michael Dubin, the genius behind Dollar Shave Clubs viral video.


 Michael Dubin, is the mastermind of one of the best viral videos ever made and is the founder & CEO, Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club has a simple concept for only $1 per month; customers get one month supply of razors delivered straight to your home.  I am sure anyone who has ever bought razors can see this is a great deal.  But what really makes this new internet based company stand out is the brilliant advertising ideas of Michael Dublin. He launched is new company last year with a viral video called Our Blades Are F***ing Great.  » Read more

Top-of-Mind Awareness


One of the most important concepts in advertising is top-of-mind awareness. A  main goal in advertising is to make the customer think of you first when they need the product or service that you sell.  When your company comes to mind first, you have accomplished what is known as top-of-mind awareness. You can attempt to build this type of brand awareness with internet, radio, television or newspaper advertising. But this can be very expensive for a small business. So, what can you do to make your business more well-known without breaking the bank? One of the best low cost ways for small retail businesses to achieve this is with the use of outdoor advertising. » Read more

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