Crazy Advertising Ideas Just Might Work.


Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything knows that there are many way to advertise. Most of us use the traditional methods of advertising. These include but are not limited to radio and TV ads, billboards, newsprint ads, and online classified sites such as craigslist. What you may not know is that there are many other ways to advertise. Some are worked into everyday life, and others are just plain bizarre, but should still work to build your sales.

There is an advertising concept known as top of mind awareness. This means that your brand is the most recognized product or service in your category of business. Most people will think of Coca-Cola when asked about soda. Likewise, ask someone about searching on the internet, and the majority will likely respond with Google. Keep this in mind, and link the customer’s need to your product any way that you are able to.

One way to advertise is through viral videos. If you search YouTube, you will find videos ranging from a young man holding a sign saying “Kiss me, I’m desperate “to a demonstration on how to clean a pet bird. You can create a video, upload it, and label it with back links and tag words, and watch your sales grow.

You can also rent space on someone else’s site. You can pay for advertising or product endorsement on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a relevant blog, or any similar social media. The only thing you need to be aware of in this type of exposure is that you follow advertising rules, which vary between sites. As long as you follow these, the potential for sales is nearly unlimited.

Consider partnering with another company to cross-promote products. If you sell pet care products, connect with a business selling cleaning supplies. Pets do create dirt. A pizza parlor could share advertising with a nearby candy shop by selling chocolate, and the candy shop could hand out coupons for the pizza shop along with what they sell.

One more unique and effective way to get brand recognition is to hire human billboards to walk through your town or in major cities if your brand is national or online. This will work because human billboards can move, and can also answer questions if needed. You just need to make sure you set clear guidelines to the people you hire, and make sure that safety is ensured. Also, provide as much information about your product as possible. If your product suits, you can even give samples for distribution.

These are but a few of the many unique ways to advertise your product or service. The main point is to be creative, and to employ as many ways as you can to get your brand in the minds of potential customers. If you would like to learn more, you can do a search for unique advertising on the internet. You will find literally hundreds of ways to advertise. Remember think outside the box, and you won’t box your sales in.