What Does Your Company’s Sign Say About Your Business?


Whether you are planning to start a business or are already up and running, drawing customers is the essential element of your success. Word of mouth works to an extent, but that in itself doesn’t draw in enough business to keep you going.

Therefore, practically every business in existence utilizes some form of advertising to draw in the crowds. Actually, most businesses owners rely on a combination of advertising venues to effectively sustain and increase business revenue.

There are a multitude of advertising venues that businesses can use, most of which depend on various criteria to make them worthwhile. However, there is one form of advertising that is an absolute must-have for both beginning and established businesses… the storefront sign.

Advantages of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs provide the first impressions of businesses and, therefore, are quite advantageous to their success. Business signs can help you stand out from your competition by providing such items as unique logos, highlighted business names, bright lights and colors, catchy sales phrases, positive statements, current offers, or contact information.

Business signs not only help customers find your location, but they are also visible to a wide variety of people passing by. This exposure to your business can spark impulse buying as people see your sign and determine at that moment that they require your products or services causing them to ‘stop and shop’. Others will glance at your sign and tuck it away in their minds or inscribe it on a paper or mobile device for future reference. Still others may not even consciously notice your sign, but its effect is left imprinted on their subconscious where it awaits a need for that product or service and then rises as a conscious thought.

Importance of Business Sign Design and Placement

Because a storefront sign is usually the first aspect of your business that people visually come in contact with, the design and placement of your sign is extremely important. Signage not only needs to capture the attention of people, but it also needs to stick in their minds so it is readily remembered in times of need.

Therefore, you want to ensure that your business sign visually stands out by using bright colors, regular or neon lights, size and anything that will capture the eye. You also want to use easy to remember logos, images and phrases that people will remember. Keep in mind that the simpler your logo or phrase is, the better. For example, notice how McDonald’s didn’t use their entire name, but instead relied on a giant golden M to capture the eye and stick in the mind. The usage of this brand logo on their storefront signage was and is a huge part of their success.

The location of your business sign is also important. Building mounted signs show people exactly where you are located and are especially visible to foot traffic. Ground mounted signs are effective for attracting passing motorists.

In conclusion, because your storefront sign offers the first impression of your business, it is important to take the necessary time and planning to get it right. Your investment of time and money placed in good business signage will pay off well for years to come.