How to Get High Traffic From Your Banners


Banners are still an effective means of marketing your product and services. They need to be placed in a high profile area where they can attract a large amount of attention. Below are some places to place your banner in order to create a significant number of traffic.

Shopping center entrances

The first area to consider is the entrance of a shopping center if your business is inside it. Your banner has a very high chance to influence visitors before they enter the establishment when placed here. Another advantage you gain is the large amount of foot traffic in comparison to inside the building. Most of the visitors of the shopping center have to pass through the entrance before they can reach any part of the establishment.

Bus stops

Bus stops have a high potential of helping you garner a large amount of audience with your banners. This is where most people, who live outside of the city or town, are most likely to pass. What is great about the area is the amount of attention you can garner from the people waiting for their bus. Even if their attention is focused on their mobile phones, they still see your banner as they wait.


Hanging your banner on an overpass is ideal to garner views from drivers and their passengers. This is much more effective than placing your advertisement on the sidewalk. Drivers keep their focus on what is ahead of them. They cannot turn their head to read a banner because it is inconvenient and dangerous for them. In contrast, having your advertisement hanging from an overpass gives the drivers an ample view of your message and your call to action.

Train stations

Having your banners posted in a train station is more advantageous than having one posted in a bus stop. This area has the potential to garner more target audience due to the large passenger capacity of the station. Metro transit stations are a gold mine of potential traffic. Your banner has the potential of targeting a large group of people from different parts of a city or town. To maximize the effectiveness of your advertisement, make sure it is placed in a station with the highest number of passengers. This place is where more people board and leave the trains in comparison to other stations.

Bus banners

Using bus banners is a good way to beat your competitors if they have their banners placed in bus and train stations. A mobile advertisement can target more audience since it is not stationary in just one place. Your banners can capture the attention of almost everyone who can see the bus. This is due to how moving objects are effective visual stimuli to attract most people. You can even target almost anyone inside a building when they are looking out at the street.

Always inquire if you need a permit to place your banners in any of the high traffic areas mentioned above. You can make it even more effective by having it display a visually attractive message.