Nine Ways To Break Out Of A Sales Slump



When in a slump, a salesperson can feel like nothing will fix their problem or get them back on track. Fortunately, with these nine tips, a hardworking salesperson can get out of his or her slump.

Realize: A person in sales must realize that a slump is normal. When understanding this, one can face their problems without fear.

Plateau effect: Another thing a salesperson must realize is that, in due time, many salespeople hit a plateau effect. Meaning, when growing in one’s career, many slow down for a while until they find new methods and ideas that work. With his realization, a worker will be well on his or her way to fixing the problem and getting back on track.

Avoid negative employees: Within a company, most people inevitably deal with coworkers who waste their time sitting in the break room or around the water cooler. These people waste time by complaining about their problems and discussing irrelevant matters. When avoiding these workers, one can complete tasks quickly and avoid wasting their emotions and time on a person who is toxic to the work environment.

Set inspiring goals: Some people in sales fail to break out of their slump when they do not know what they want. To avoid this, as salesperson must set inspiring goals. This will allow a person to have something big to strive for.

Get there early: To succeed in business, one must arrive to work early. When coming in before everyone else, a worker can close a few deals and feel good about their work day. Ideally, when heading to the office, one should come in two hours before other employees in the same department. This will allow a salesperson to complete work without dealing with people in the next cubicle hounding them or making too much noise.

Change work environment: Often, a person is in a slump when they come to the same messy desk and unorganized computer. To get out of the slump and feel better in the process, a salesperson should consider spending a couple of hours cleaning their work area and getting things in order. With this step, a salesperson can concentrate on his or her work and not worry about misplacing vital information.

Follow: Now, in sales, it is often necessary to follow the top salesperson and mimic what they are doing. When following and copying the best, a salesperson can enjoy some of their success and get back on track.

Bring the boss along: When going on a sales call, some salespeople get in a rut and have no viable way to critique their problems. One way to gain insight is to invite the boss along for a few sales calls. When a manager joins his or her salesperson, they can see what they are doing wrong and how they can improve the situation and close more deals.

Enjoy: When working in sales, it is sometimes necessary to step back and spend some time enjoying life. Often, salespeople are too busy to go out of their way to have fun on a weekend or after work. For this reason, a stressed salesperson should try to spend a little money and have some fun once in a while.

With these nine tips, a hardworking salesperson can transform his or her career and get back on track.


Michael Tan is currently blogging for Sandler Training, a buisiness sales training course located in northern New Jersey. Michael enjoys blogging about business news, different sales techniques, and leadership advice.