4 Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work For Your Business


The world today is in what historians a while down the road will probably be called the digital age. A great part of our life is spent online, we get our information there, we laugh, we socialize, but the fact remains that we are still just creatures of flesh and blood that need to roam the physical world. Until we are able to download our brains into a computer we will need to socialize with other people and move around, so online marketing strategies, as effective as they can be, can’t be relied upon as a sole means of raising brand awareness and reaching out to the broader public. There are a few offline marketing strategies that are very old school, but still remain in wide use, because they simply work. No matter how sophisticated our technology gets, these simple strategies will still be around because they rely on basic human nature and are basically timeless. They are a great tool for small businesses and major companies alike.

Vehicle wraps

This is a relatively low key, yet pretty effective marketing strategy for raising brand awareness in local communities. It’s one thing to see a commercial on TV or an ad on the internet where you expect to be bombarded with aggressive marketing slogans and pop ups, but it’s an entirely different game when you are riding around town , minding your own business and a big, colorful car pulls up next to you or drives down the street. You can be pretty basic about it and just have your logo and slogan on a car or you can be very adventurous and have a specially modified car, like the old Red Bull cars with a huge fake soda can attach to it. Your promoters or employees can drive around town and down their job and the car is there as an additional marketing tool.

Promotional material

Small tokens like key chains, pens, water bottles, T-shirts, hats and even free samples won’t make a huge, game-changing difference, but they are a decent way of spreading the word about your company among the people. They help you brand name always remain close to people’s eyes, and although everyone jumps on pretty much any opportunity to get something for free and may amass a large number of pens and other material from various companies, this marketing strategy is still giving some results. All modern major companies still use this strategy, and while it’s not the greatest attention grabber on its own, when combined with other strategies it becomes a powerful tool in your arsenal. The best thing about it is that it is very cheap and easy to implement, and no one says no to free stuff.

Billboard signs, posters, banners and flyers

You need to be in the public eye, and like gangs marking their territory with graffiti, big companies will try to put their mark on pretty much anything they can get their hands on, just as long as people get to see it. A couple of pretty young ladies, wearing t shirts with your company’s logo, coming out of the big logo-mobile and handing out flyers, promotional material and samples of your product will build up a curious crowd around them pretty quickly. Billboards are tactically placed and pretty hard to miss, while banners and other signs are a one-time investment that will sit there and promote your company for quite some time, and can be reused and easily transported to a different location. Seeing is believing as they say, and seeing your company logo all over town will make people believe that, yes, you actually are a pretty big deal.

Sponsoring events

A great way to make sure that a lot of people see your company logo and associate it with something good is to sponsor a local event. Charities, sporting and cultural events bring out a crowd and usually get some media coverage. Sponsoring one of these events means that people start viewing your company in a positive light and that your company name will be thrown around for days on local TV stations, newspapers and online publications and blogs.

These are pretty effective marketing strategies that will help you get some good results, but they are not stand-alone measures and are best when combined with each other and some online marketing.

Damian Wolf has been a writer and a professional marketing expert since 2009. He mostly writes about business, finance and lifestyle.