Why It’s Important To Find A Specialist PR Company For Your Industry


In the modern world PR is arguably more important than ever before. With increased media that can be used to your advantage you need to be able to cover all of your bases in order to get maximum exposure for your business. There’s also an increased need to protect your reputation too. Social media and the emergence of the ‘celebrity businessman’ means that the next PR disaster could be just around the corner and you need to be prepared for it.

But is it enough the just hire any PR company?

Whilst there are plenty of excellent general PR agencies out there, surely it offers more value to your business to find one that specifies in your particular industry. Here are a few reasons why this could be a smarter choice.

They Know Your Audience –

Like a lot of things in business; PR does not require the same approach for every single company. Therefore you need to find an agency to represent you that knows your specific market and how your audience reacts to certain types of media. Knowing your audience is one of the most important things in PR and so having an agency that works within your industry at your side will give you a great insight into what will work and what perhaps won’t.

Their Contacts Are Your Contacts –

The great thing about hiring a PR agency to represent your business is that you will be able to tap into their wealth of contacts in order to increase your exposure. However this situation gets even better if all of the contracts that they have are the ones that you want to target anyway. Imagine having access to a wide range people that are important figures in your specific industry that you could immediately be able to take advantage of thanks to your agencies previous work in the sector.

They Will Speak Your Language –

Even if both parties are speaking English things can still get lost in translation if your PR company doesn’t fully understand the industry in which you operate. This can be a common thing in an area such as the tech world.

Technology has a language of its own sometimes and so you don’t want any misunderstandings to occur purely because the agency you have chosen to represent you doesn’t have a grasp on the tech world. A technology PR agency will already be familiar with industry jargon and so you won’t have to waste time simplifying things just so they know what you are talking about.

They Have Done This Plenty Of Times Before –

When going into partnership with an agency that has many years of experience in your field you will have complete faith in their ability to be successful on your behalf. General agencies may have an impressive portfolio of work to show you but if they have never taken on a client that operates in your industry then there is no guarantee that they can replicate these results for you.

Your campaign will obviously not be the same as any they have conducted in the past but they will be able to take ideas from previous strategies, tweak them and then apply them to your specific circumstances.

There is no doubt that by hiring an agency which specifies in your industry you will be giving your business the best chance of creating increased exposure, becoming a thought leader in your field and ultimately encouraging more clients and consumers to do business with you.

Chris Mayhew has experience in the world of marketing and knows just how important PR is to a business. He would recommend Éclat Marketing to anyone who is looking for a specialist PR agency for their technology company.