Three Simple Ways To Promote Your Business


The success of a business can be credited to three separate factors: product, service, and promotion. A level combination of the three and market awareness is the best way to achieve successful business results, meaning that it is important that your company spends time developing each area. When looking to increase your customer base, businesses need to have a well-planned promotional campaign that will reach their target audiences, whilst continuing to attract their existing customer base. Effective ways of promoting your business do not have to be difficult, but do need to be a mixture of traditional and modern methods in order to reach a wide audience.  Here are some simple ways to promote your business that are guaranteed to improve awareness of your company-

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is not only essential to making a sale but is actually one of the best ways to promote your business. As positive word of mouth is often the best way to build a good reputation, make sure that all your employees interact professional and friendly with all clients. Without good customer service being provided by your business and staff, there is little point to creating a promotional campaign, as if customers aren’t happy with service then this will soon overshadow it, not matter how good it is.

Taking the time to train staff in how to give great customer service no matter what the situation (even during customer complaints and refunds) will mean that customers will be more likely to return to your company and more likely to recommend your business to others.

Social Media

Jumping on the social media bandwagon is a brilliant way for a business to promote themselves for free. Setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts will help you have further interaction with your customers, and will make an easy way for them to liaise with you. Using popular social media platforms allows you to create a great public image for your company and a fun personal voice, which is becoming an increasingly important part of good business promotion.

Regularly update your pages, and look into making comedic posts that are relevant to your business, or pass comment of gentle social news and trends. This will keep customers aware of your brand, with your comment consistently appearing on their feeds.

Visual Advertising

Sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing something works the best, and it is definitely true that traditional visual advertising is still a brilliant way to promote and advertise a company and its services. Newspaper ads and PVC banners are great ways to advertise and attract a local clientele. Creating an attractive visual campaign that clearly provides essential information will make customers aware of your services and generate interest in your company.

Visual advertising, such as banners, are also useful to target potential customers who are currently unaware of your company, as you can choose where to position them, targeting highly populated areas that will mean that a high density of people with view it.

Beth Stubbings works for Big Value Banners. She thinks that it is important to promote your business in the right way to get the customers that your business