PR Advice For Start-Up Businesses


All businesses will benefit from using PR techniques to create a positive reputation and increase awareness of their services, but depending on size and age, different companies will need to take different approaches to their PR strategy. While large brands will find that using strategic campaigns that have been thoroughly developed over time will be the best way to continue to achieve business success, smaller, newer businesses may need to create a more basic PR campaign that gently works to engage with consumers on a more personal level. For start-up businesses, it is incredibly important that a significant amount of time is allocated to working on public relations, as this can mean the difference between business success, and a company folding.

Do your Research

When setting up your company, you will have probably researched how other competitors and brands in your industry manage their business, and how they have developed a strong trade presence. Using established businesses as a model for how to set up and run your company is useful as it will show you how to manage your company efficiently and successfully. When looking to create a small PR campaign for your start-up, it is also beneficial to look at case studies of public relations success to gage the best way to publicise your business.

Research the social media updates, interaction with target audience, and press releases of established businesses, and adapt style and forms that you feel would be appropriate and beneficial to your business. As with most public relation strategies, this may be a case of trial and error, with some ways working, and some not being effective at all, ultimately leading to you developing your own personal approach to basic public relations and finding an approach that works best for your business.

Get Social

For a new business to begin their journey to success, gain attention and make an impact on the industry, it is important to work with modern forms of communication and build a strong online presence. Creating an online presence for your business is probably the most important piece of advice for any start-up business, as the web has quickly become the first port of call for most customers, and is now one of the easiest ways to interact with businesses both formally and informally.

In the earliest stages of your business development, or opening, set up social media pages, as these are free, easy ways to promote your business and increase awareness of your services. Regularly updating Facebook pages and Twitter feeds will allow you to begin to create your company’s strong online presence and allow consumers and businesses to contact and interact directly with your company.

Call in the Professionals

Although it may not be necessary to hire a public relations agency as soon as you register your business, you should still consider the benefits that using a professional PR company will have on your business in the long run. Once your company has had significant growth and prolonged initial success, then you may want to hire a PR agency to help increase the public awareness and reputation of your business in or to have a successful expansion.

If considering working with a PR agency, choose a company that specialises, as this will be most beneficial to your young business, as it will gain your business access to an appropriate network and contacts that will help boost your reputation with the public and within the correct industry. For instance, a business that manufactures and sells digital radios would not benefit from using a public relations company that specialises in beauty, but would gain the right exposure from working with an agency that specialises in technology PR as they will have access to the most appropriate connections and have existing experience of PR for similar businesses to your own.

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