Fortune Cookie Advertising


Fortune cookies are an American invention, and are as American as baseball and apple pie. The history of fortune cookies is a little hard to pin down, but they were first invented about hundred years ago in California and there are conflicting stories about who is the true inventor. These cookies have stayed relatively the same for the past hundred years and are a popular part Asian American cuisine. But now those yummy wisdom filled treats have evolved and fortune cookies will never be the same again.  

The world of advertising has never been more competitive. Ever business owner knows that finding a fresh and creative way to reach your target market is the key to successful advertising. Now there is an effective new way to advertise your business, and it is taking America by storm. I am talking about Fortune Cookie Advertising.

cookie-19So, what is fortune cookie advertising? It is exactly what it sounds like. Simple yet brilliant, it is amazing that it took so much time for this idea to come along. The Company “Fortune Cookie Advertising” has created an innovative and simple system to advertise using fortune cookies. Here is how it works, they make custom fortune cookies that have the traditional fortune message on the front and has an advertisement put on the back in place of the lucky numbers that you would normal find there. Then the cookies are distributed thru their network of over 40.000 restaurants to be given out as the normal dessert with meals. Their online ordering system is easy to use and provides quick and effective way to set the criteria for you advertising campaign. It gives you the ability to choose which of the over 40,000 restaurant locations from a map that’s integrated into their website. Making it very easy to choose the geographical area you wish to reach. Then you can create a special message for the back of the fortune. You can put your own sales message, logos or you can even put pictures on it. You also have the option of putting coupons and QR codes. Once you place your order it only takes 2 to 10 business days depending on quantity and the restaurant locations for your cookies and your advertisement to be in the hands of your new potential customers. If you are looking for an effective low cost way to reach more customers, you have found it! Visit Fortune Cookie Advertising for more details on this sweet advertising method.

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