Jeff Gordon and Pepsi Team Up!


Here is another great viral video from Pepsi max. In this video Pepsi has Jeff Gordon going undercover to a car dealership and takes an unsuspecting car salesman on a test drive that he will not soon forget.  The video is getting a lot of attention on line. It racked up more than two million hits in just its first day of release, and in its first month has had over thirty million views. If you examine the video closely it is clear that it is a fake, and the salesman is just an actor. But even if it is fake the video is still very funny. » Read more

Michael Dubin, the genius behind Dollar Shave Clubs viral video.


 Michael Dubin, is the mastermind of one of the best viral videos ever made and is the founder & CEO, Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club has a simple concept for only $1 per month; customers get one month supply of razors delivered straight to your home.  I am sure anyone who has ever bought razors can see this is a great deal.  But what really makes this new internet based company stand out is the brilliant advertising ideas of Michael Dublin. He launched is new company last year with a viral video called Our Blades Are F***ing Great.  » Read more

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