The Magic of Laughter in Advertising


Laughter is the Best Marketing Tool – A key way to spreading the word about a business and generating target traffic is through advertising. Without the proper marketing, a business cannot educate possible customers about their service and product. Since most industries are overly saturated, businesses need to get creative in how they market their company. Aside from getting creative, a business needs to entertain their audience, and the best way to do that is to make them laugh.

 A prime example of this is The Daily Show with John Stewart, where Stewart delivers national headline news through comedy. Since viewers want to be entertained, many choose to tune into The Daily Show, rather than other national news shows. John Stewart has branded himself as a comedian who is educated and political who is trusted to deliver the most current news.

 Comedy is the key to having a business stand out among amongst the rest. Making people laugh will have them coming back for more, and if entertainment is consistently delivered, they will become consistent customers. For products in a saturated market, it is not solely about your product reviews as much as what the brand stands for, and the entertainment it delivers.

 The beauty and hygiene market is one of the greatest saturated markets, but a young entrepreneur by the name of Michael Dubin, made great strides because of one video. The company, Dollar Shave Club, delivered a hysterical YouTube video that went viral and quickly put them on the map. Because of that one video, their sales increased by 500% in only one day. The video itself is a low budget, but hysterical. This young company is going against top corporations like Gillette and succeeding, due to how they advertised and marketed their product with humor.

 laughter is the best toolAnother popular company that advertises through comedy is, who creates witty and funny commercials with catchy jingles that drive individuals to use their credit check service. There are plenty of other services to check one’s credit, but this company has branded themselves in a way that they stick out among the rest.

 Advertising and marketing is crucial for a business to grow and succeed. It is important for business owners to be creative and to make their product stick out. Potential consumers are immersed in hundreds of advertisements daily, and a business needs to have theirs stick out among hundreds of others. If your business does not stand out in your industry, then you should try to get a laugh out of your future advertisements and marketing campaigns.  When it comes to effective advertising, it been proven over and over again humor works. When done right it can catapult you past your competition.