Unique Methods of Advertising


In today’s world, consumers are flooded with advertisements for various products and services. In order for a small business to stand out in the crowd, it is necessary to use unique methods of advertising to make it more memorable. These methods are usually creative and sometimes a little unconventional. A few of these unique methods are; bartering for marketing, sponsoring a local sports team, and using outdoor advertising. All of these techniques when used properly can make a product or service much more memorable. 

 Barter-SystemBartering for your marketing is an effective way to get your business or product noticed. Offer free or discounted products or services to blogs or websites owners that target your marketing area or niche. And then In exchange, an ad for your business and a link to your business website is placed on their websites or blogs. This is doubly effective; the customer gets to try out the product and the ads are placed, for free, on the customer’s blog or website. The only cost is the cost of the product or service.

 Another unique way to market a product is by sponsoring a local sports team. Although, this option can be expensive depending on what the specific organization charges for a sponsorship, it is worth every penny. It is a great way to get a business or product noticed by a lot of people at once in your target market area. The money from the sponsorship helps pay the expenses for the sports team. So it is a great way to build good will and give a big boost to your reputation within that community.

 Outdoor advertising like Air Dancers, Feather Flags and Banners are a great low cost way to establish a strong presence in you marketing area. The people who pass by a business on a day to day basis are easy potential customers to target. Outdoor advertising is more cost effective than most all other types of conventional advertising. It is a great way to expand awareness of a business or service and make a huge impression for a low cost.

Magnetic vehicle signs are a great unique way to establish some mobile marketing. Since the magnetic vehicle sign is attached to a moving vehicle, the advertisement goes where the driver travels. They are very easy to remove and reapply, so you can stop and start your advertising anytime you like. You can easily be seen by thousands of potential customers a day just by driving around your city. It is a great way to expand awareness of a business or service.