Locally Advertising Your Service Company


One of the first things to focus on when you are trying to advertise for your local service company is to find your differentiation point. Too many companies go in for a standard ad or website that talk just about their services. For a local contracting firm we have been working with in the Northern Virginia area, we were able to find some key ingredients that will really drive traffic. All of his competitors websites mostly just talk about the services they do such as patio building, pool building, kitchen remodeling, etc. All that basic ideas like that lead to is a 5 page website that essentially says the same thing that your competitors do. When really giving it some thought we found that by creating a separate page for each of the manufacturers of materials that our client uses, it gave the website many more touch points for potential customers to explore.

Not only does this give your main menu some more dimensions as far as drop downs and but it provides infinitely more opportunities with search engines such as Google to send you some targeted traffic. For example when a customer is thinking about doing a kitchen remodel , they may have already visited a local store and looked at brands of paint or tiles they would like to use. If your website touches in depth on what makes up the services you use you can grab onto that traffic. In this case, by having the exact paint and tile options that this client installs such as the colors, sizes, and brands means that a customer may find them through Google by searching for contractors that install that brand versus just the general “pool contractor”.
Google Adwords should be done the same way, instead of just having text or image ads that blandly describe your service such as local pool builder, include the brand such as Brand X Installer so that people know you install a certain type of pool. This works for non-branded general categories as well such as having a dedicated page about salt pools. Within that page you could have 10 pictures of salt pools that all have special SEO titles so that they can be found in google images such as “example of a beautiful salt pool in Northern Virginia next to an outdoor kitchen”. Items such as this will help you stand out and get to the top of the search engine within your niche and not just longtail keywords, find your own niche that nobody else is conquering!