The New Goodyear Blimp – Guerrilla Marketing at its Best


It may be the best guerrilla marketing campaign of all time. The year was 1925 when the first Goodyear blimps soared into the skies. Now after more than 85 years they can still be spotted in the skies above, all over the country. But now it is time for a big upgrade, construction of the first of three of the newest Goodyear’s blimps is now underway at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Wingfoot Lake hangar just outside of Akron Ohio. This is joint project between Goodyear and the German company ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik .

The new bigger and better blimps are considered to be semi-rigid airs ships, which mean it has an internal frame. The frame of the airship is made of aluminum and carbon-fiber and it will be 246 feet long, which is 50’ longer than the current air ship.  Another upgrade is that it will now be powered by three 200-horsepower prop engines; the older version had only two. The propellers can be tilted up and down, allowing the blimp to take off and land in very small spaces .The older air ships could cruise at about 30 – 35 miles per hour at their top speed. The top speed of the new airship will be about 50 to 55 miles per hour. It will also be sporting trim sleek new look it will be longer and flatter the old style blimp that we are a custom to. And best of all it will have a brand new one of a kind, electric sign.  It will have more than double the current amount of LED’s. It will also be much brighter than the old style so it will be able to do graphics day and night.  The new and improved gondola will hold twelve people instead of the current seven. The blimp also will much be quieter than the older style.  Technically, it will no longer be a blimp, it is a semi-rigid airship. But I think will stick with Blimp it is a little catchierblimp hanger

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