Pay Per Click Advertising – Internet Marketing Strategy


There are many different strategies to get visitors to your website; one of the best is called Pay per click advertising. When you need to get visitors to you website fast this is your best option. For those of you who may be new to internet advertising here is how it works.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo sell business ad space on their search results page. These ads appear at the top and alongside of the organic search result pages.  In appearance they look very similar to what is called the organic or natural results.  Organic or natural search results appear because to the search engines they are the most relevant in a category you have searched. The pay per clicks ad appear simply because someone has paid to be on that page.  Many times the websites that show up high in the organic results have spent a lot of time or money to get to the front page of the search results. In contrast when you use pay per click advertising, you can be on the front page of the search results immediately.ppc

   The two most popular pay per clicks ad services are Google ad words and Bing ads, the both work pretty much the same way.  These ads are sold in a auction style method where you bid on each keyword. The highest bidder gets the top spot on the page. The next highest bidder gets the next spot on the page, and so on.  You do not have to pay for the ad unless someone clicks on it. When they show you ad that is called an impression you do not pay for the impressions you only pay if someone clicks on your ad.

There are many advantages to pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising can bring visitors to your website right away. Just Spend enough, get on the front page of the search results, and potential customers will see you.  If you ad is well written, you will get clicks as soon as the ad is posted.  This is a simple explanation of how this type of advertising works.

If you are thinking about using pay per click advertising you need to know in reality it is not as simple as it sounds. Figuring out which key words and how much to bid on a given key word can be very tricky. The ad service will tell you how much to you need to bid to get on the front page of a given key word. But you have to also decide how you want them to match your key word. You need to pick between broad match, phrase match and exact match. You also need to figure out what time of day you want your ads to run. Some businesses may benefit by running ad 24 hours a day while others may only benefit by running ad only during their open business hours. These are you a few of the decisions you must make, there are also many more choices and ways to optimize your advertising campaign, and it can become very complicated.

PPC1If you are new and do not choose wisely, you can waste a lot of money using pay per click advertising. The best advice, if you are new to this form of advertising is to start slowly.  Start by picking just a few key words and set them to exact match only. This way you will be less likely to be paying for unwanted clicks. As you get a feel for how it works slowly expand you efforts while watch very closely how much you are spending.  It is very easy for the spending to get out of control when using pay per click advertising.

If all of this sounds like it may be just too much work for you, there is  always the option of hiring an ad service to manage you pay per click ad campaign. In many cases this can be the best choice, they have the skill experience to run a top notch and cost efficient campaign.  Managing you own advertising can take a lot of time, and if you are not careful you can make costly mistakes.  If you are thinking of hiring ad service I would highly recommend Wisdek, they are a leader in the pay per click management service industry, and can help you take your website to the next level.