Air Dancers, Feather Flags & Gorilla Robot Signs

Retail Products for Off Set Press Marketing

When someone needs to draw attention to his or her business, it’s important to do so with as many different methods as possible. While there are the options of television and radio, even Internet advertising, it’s also important to get people to walk in off the street whenever a business owner can. That is why it’s important to use eye-catching, and sometimes even silly-appearing, outdoor advertising to catch the eye and get the curious to walk inside and see what’s going on. For those businesses that are serious about doing this, there are a lot of useful products on the market to help them get the attention they need.

Gorilla Robot Signs

Advertising ArtThe name pretty much says it all when it comes to these signs. A big bold animatronic figure decked out in a gorilla costume, standing 6’6’ tall it moves, waves and smiles, it can be enough to really light a fire under the curious. They are very effective and realistic looking. People passing by think it is a person dressed as a gorilla, waving and holding a sign about the sale your business has going on. These devices are definitely eye-catching and are a very powerful advertising tool.

Feather Flags

Feather flags, or banner flags, are one of the most effective accessories that someone who is having a blow-out sale cane use. These flags stand 15’ tall and 2.5’ wide are bright colorful flags that flap in the breeze and definitely will draw the attention of anyone that’s walking or driving past. If there’s any doubt at all whether there’s a sale going on, these flags tend to put that doubt right to rest. They available in hundreds of custom  styles, with words like “Sale” or “Grand Opening” in order to make absolutely certain that potential customers get the message about what’s going on.

Air Dancers

 Blue Air dancer with Yellow Arms - HUGE SALE Attachment OnlyOne of the simplest must have tools that a business owner can use to advertise and get people’s attention is an air dancer. A cloth figure attached to a large blower fan, as the fan blows inside the cloth it is filled up with air, and because of the shifting currents it moves back and forth, to and fro as if dancing. These figures come in many different shapes and styles and can be personalized to fit your business. The can be easily seen from a long distance making them perfect for businesses that sit further back from the road. The public knows if an air dancer is present, then there’s something big going on very close by.

For more information about inflatable Air Dancers, Gorilla Robots and Feather Flag Banners visit Super Sign Factory.  With over 20 years in the outdoor advertising business, they know how to help you generate attention, boost sales and get your business noticed.