Top-of-Mind Awareness


One of the most important concepts in advertising is top-of-mind awareness. A  main goal in advertising is to make the customer think of you first when they need the product or service that you sell.  When your company comes to mind first, you have accomplished what is known as top-of-mind awareness. You can attempt to build this type of brand awareness with internet, radio, television or newspaper advertising. But this can be very expensive for a small business. So, what can you do to make your business more well-known without breaking the bank? One of the best low cost ways for small retail businesses to achieve this is with the use of outdoor advertising.

Top-of-mind awareness is fundamentally built through repetition. Outdoor advertising has many advantages over other styles of advertisements when it comes to repetition. Most daily commuters frequent the same areas as they go about the day to day business of living. When commuting back and forth to work or taking the kids to school, they do not have a choice; they cannot avoid outdoor advertising that has been put in their path. They can’t fast forward thru it, change the channel, or turn it off. Businesses that use outdoor advertising benefit greatly from this type of repetition. Seeing your advertisement repeatedly is what makes it one of the most effective methods of advertising.

Some examples of effective but inexpensive outdoor advertising would be side walk signs, banners or magnetic vehicle signs.  But if you really want to get the public’s attention, you may want to consider trying something a little flasher. When it comes to get the public’s attention, nothing works better than Air Dancers, Feather Flags, or Inflatables. They are slightly more expensive, but offer a lot of bang for the buck and are a great way to spend your advertising dollars.

Top-of-mind awareness should always be a top goal when planning you advertising strategies.  Being the business that successfully achieves top of mind awareness in the potential customers has a great advantage over their competitors.  For more great ideas on how to promote your business visit Super Sign Factory. They are the leader in the industry when it comes to unique outdoor advertising products!