Advertising – So what should you do?


You own a business and you want more customers coming thru the door. So what should you do? Advertising is a good place to start if you want to let people know about your business or products. There are many low cost effective ways to get you message out to your target customers. Here are a few of the more popular types of advertising that all small business should consider:

•Newspaper ads: While newspaper advertising is no longer as popular as it was years ago. It can still be a very effective form of advertising. The cost of newspaper advertising has fallen dramatically in the last 20 years. When you advertise in most major newspapers these days, they also include you in their  online version of the paper so you get a lot of bag for the buck. Many people when looking for deals and bargains still check their local newspaper..

•Radio and television ads: There are many affordable choices today when it comes to this type of advertising. Cable TV networks have revolutionized television advertising, allowing you to reach a very targeted audience for a very fair price. Radio advertising is affordable on the smaller stations and delivers consistent results for many types of businesses.

•Billboards: This old-school method of advertising has come long way in recent years.  Modern technology now provides billboards that are LED and state of the art.  Changing a billboard is no longer a manual process, with computerized updates being done with a click of a button.  Although this form of advertising may be more expensive, it provides a modern and exciting way to draw attention to your business,

•Internet advertising: This form of advertising is a must do for all business at one level or another.  From craigslist to local web directories, there are many free ways to get you businesses noticed.  Having at least a basic website is also a necessary tool for all businesses big and small. If you do have a website, you may want to try pay per click internet adverting. The cost for this style of advertising varies greatly from one type of business to another. In some situations it can be a very good deal, while in others, you may find it to be a total waste of money

•Promotional products: From small trinkets like pens or key chains, or bigger items like t-shirts, travel mugs, or calendars, people everywhere love free stuff. Giving away any style of promotional products is a great form of advertising. Keeping your business name or logo in front of you customer on a daily basis makes it very likely that the will thinking of your company the next time they need your product or service.